Distance Sales Contract

Last Update Date: October 01, 2019


This Contract is hereby executed by the following parties electronically upon the communicated requirement and acceptance thereof;

1.1. BUYER

The personal information given during the purchase order is considered as the BUYER information.


Title: Jorworld – owner of “Jorpage” brand.
Website: www.jorpage.com
E-mail Address: info@jorpage.com


The subject of this Contract is to determine the mutual rights and obligations of the Parties hereto as per the provisions of the Act on the Law No. 6502 on the Protection of Consumers (“Law”) and Regulation No. 29188 on Distance Contracts ("Regulation") as well as all other applicable regulations and applications related to the sales/ purchase and delivery of the product(s) with the below stated properties and the sales price ordered by the BUYER via the electronic environment via the website https://www.jorpage.com of the SELLER.


BUYER hereby accepts and declares that he/she has read the texts titled “Terms of Use” and “Privacy Policy” located on the footer of SELLER website and that he/she acquired complete information about the usage terms and confidentiality clauses herein.


- BUYER can always see the current price of the website templates on the SELLER website.

- Website templates can be purchased over SELLER website only with a bank card or a credit card. BUYER, in case he/she purchases a website template over SELLER website, he/she will be offered with credit or bank card options in order to choose one for payment. BUYER will then pick up one of the credit or bank card options, which are fit for him/her, and will complete the purchasing.

- Website templates prices may change. If any prices change, SELLER will update the prices on templates screen.

- Before complete the purchasing, BUYER must fill the required inputs on the Settings page. BUYER hereby confirms that all billing and contacting information are correct.

- SELLER accepts and undertakes to send an e-mail that contains all neccessary information for BUYER to manage and start to use the his/her website in 1 bussiness day. However, registering a new domain for BUYER may take more than 1 bussiness day due to any kinds of reasons arising from 3rd parties. In this case, SELLER and all of its partners, employees, or content providers cannot and will not be held liable and SELLER cannot and will not pay a penalty to BUYER.

- SELLER and all of its partners, employees, or content providers cannot and will not be held liable due to errors, mistakes and negligence which may arise at SELLER independently from its reasons and terms and from the damages likely to occur due to disinformation or delays. SELLER and all of its partners, employees, or content providers are not accepting any liability due to receivable claims to be risen by the BUYER and 3rd parties, under the form of reimbursement, charges or whatsoever form.

- The liability of controlling and running regarding the purchased website belongs to the BUYER. BUYER will be held liable due to the damages arising from failure to fulfill this liability.

- By purchasing a website over SELLER website you are deemed as:

Accepting the tepmlates and its features you selected.

Accepting that SELLER has reserved the right of refuse to sell the website, cancel the sale of the website or suspend/discontinue the publishing of the website in case of violation the SELLER's Terms of Use.


The BUYER is entitled to use her/his right of withdrawal from the Contract by denying the website within 14 (fourteen) days from receiving the e-mail contains neccessary information his/her website. However, some of the features of website product like domain registration cannot be canceled due to ICANN procedures, therefore, domain prices will not refund to BUYER. BUYER accepts that he/she cannot receive domain price when withdraw from the contract. If BUYER wants to withdraw from the contract within 14 days, SELLER will refund the price without domain fee to BUYER's credit or debit card account.


- The information regarding the sales of websites, shall be recorded by SELLER and in case of any discrepancy, the records of the sale shall be submitted to the related establishments and departments.

- SELLER is not responsible from any price and content errors which may occur due to the string and system errors on the SELLER website.

- BUYER hereby accepts, acknowledges and undertakes that he/she will act according to all the terms included in the Contract herein, the "Terms of Use" and all the conditions on the website, during the usage of the latter and also to the explanations provided on the website and all the current regulations, otherwise he will incur every kind of legal, penal and financial liability which may arise due to usages infringing the said notifications and laws.


BUYER will be deemed as accepting all the terms of the contract herein, together with the payment of the order given over the website, after the acceptation and approval of this contract and the contract will be hereby enforced. BUYER hereby accept, declares and undertakes that he owns accurate and complete information regarding the type of service subject of this contract, the sales price, the type of payment, the right of withdrawal from the contract and all the rights and liabilities arising from the contract and that also he has not any objections.


In the application of this contract, the Consumer Referee Committee or the Consumer Courts in SELLER or BUYER’s location are authorized.