What is Jorpage?

Jorpage* is a platform which enables you to create and publish a website in a few minutes without coding or any complex process. You can create a new website or edit your website with any device as if you fill up a form. And, you can do these not only on jorpage.com but also on Jorpage App.


Kaya Yilmaz

(Co-Founder and CEO)

Kaya who studied mechanical engineering at RWTH Aachen University and Istanbul Technical University, began to be interested in coding in his childhood. In addition to coding, he improved himself about mathematical algorithms and data analysis by creating a lot of websites with Mert for companies in Germany, Switzerland and Turkey. Also he worked in field of data analysis for a while in Daimler (Mercedes-Benz), and then he founded Jorpage with Mert in order to make people have professional websites.

Mert Zaim

(Co-Founder and COO)

Mert is a mechanical engineer, full stack web developer and entrepreneur. He has created websites and web applications since 2006. After he had founded and managed several blogs, portals and forums, he started to develop websites with Kaya for domestic and international customers in 2015. Mert and Kaya founded a social network which gives people an instant information about their appearance and helps them look better with its unique algorithm. In 2018, he founded Jorpage with Kaya. Jorpage is a brand new technology for creating web sites easier and faster than others. With its very operable setting pages, everybody can create their own professional websites in less than a minute easily. Mert is also an amateur DJ, movie lover and traveller.



San Francisco (Coming Soon)

San Francisco, USA

Dublin (Coming Soon)

Dublin, Ireland